Thursday, 26 June 2008

Victorianna Castle and Grounds Pt. 2

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This is the second part to my coverage of the Victorianna Castle build and due to the very size and the nature (no pun intended) of the garden means there is not much to cover and therefore you'll be glad to hear that this post will not be as long as the first part. So I found that been an outdoor garden area the windlight setting midday1 fits this best but once again play with thoses sego with what catches your eye.

So resuming from that bridge mentioned after the carp pond in Part 1. crossing this bridge leads you across the road and into the gardens proper. It goes without saying that due to other builds around it the gardens space has been limited, but as a nice little place for couples to wander it serves its purpose.

Head up the ramp and once again there are couple pose balls for walk around the garden. The upper most area appears to be some sort of promenade with a second level just a few steps down flanked by square ponds this area features a few seats and the first of the Garden's numerous dance balls.

Looking towards the castle from the second level down seating area give a spectacular view of the sheer scale and planning that must have going into the build. The view is a definite for any avid photographers and models wanting a fantasy/castle back drop for a shoot.

Behind all this and dominating most of the garden is the large waterfall which serves as a nice focal point as well as a way to hide the builds behind it out of sight. It flows into a large pond at the bottom which has a few seating areas near and some nice little bridges, this can be accessed via the rocky path to the left of the square ponds.

Follow these bridges along a path will lead the visitor pass a few duck feeding, swiming and paddling pose balls, and through the spray generated by the waterfall to a small private gazebo at the end of the garden, which also contains a couples dance ball set.

And with that it brings us to the end of this build summary, I hope it has peaked your interest into taking a look at this build. I know I'll certainly be using it for a few more photo shoots myself.

The Outfit featured is the pink version of *CG* Sherrill from *CanalGrande*, the details of which can be found in this post here.

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