Tuesday, 1 July 2008

PAN & AGAPEE Islands - The Garden of Afterlife


So I recently Visited the Islands of Pan & Agapee and was quite impressed and so this week I'll be posting about them. So the Islands are very well laid out with regular guide boards to lead you around the build. First a bit of background the Islands of Pan & Agapee are designed as a glimpse of the afterlife (Or because I don't wanna offend anyone I should say at least the designers interpretation of it). It is the ideal build for a photo shoot or a romantic walk as there are numerous spots for couple to sit and enjoy one another's company.

So as visitors enter the build they will find them selves in an area entitled the Gateway to Heaven on a side note I have used numerous windlight settings as I moved through the build, for here I used the Fine Day setting.

This area features a lovely field of golden flowers, with a few trees for effect and is a taste of things to come. Before moving on don't forget to take a read of that guide board for a little more info.

Following the path will next lead visitors to The Astral Realm for here I took note of the guide board and switched my windlight to the Night setting for the dramatic effect. This next area features a mixed field of yellow and pink flowers, with lovely Sakura trees and in a very impressive effect low dense misty clouds and little rainbows. Couple these clouds with the night windlight settings results a a pretty stark yet beautiful result.

This area also have a few poseballs to allow to drift asleep amongst the clouds or you can sit on one of the flower shaped chairs and watch the world go by.

Once again hit that guide board for more info then continue along the path to The Realm of the Good. For here I switched to Midday1, this area is a large space featuring a small field of white and pink flowers a Japanese style house and numerous corn style fields, and a small pond and bridge. Surprisingly there very little of note in here and you will find yourself drawn to the Dome of enlightenment in distance which is the final section of this island, before you move on hit that guide board again.

On to The dome of enlightenment which sits in the middle of a circular pond and is a place for quiet reflection, the inside of each pillar has a different meditative and motivational phrase to the other side of the dome is a small boat which when clicked will teleport you to the scenic south island.

Here on the south island is 4 separate styles and visitors will find them selves amongst numerous rose bushes, there is also a sunflower field with unicorn rides, a tropical beach with waves crashing upon the rocks and my personal favourite a large Sakura tree forest complete with blossoms floating on the wind. This island is relatively lacking in any other large features.

So there you go, short but sweet.

The lovely Victorian maid styled outfit featured is the Shirley Set from *Edelweiss* by Moeka Kohime, it's priced at L$600. Which may seem pricey but the pack does contain 2 Types of blouse (with or without apron) in Long, Short and Rolled Sleeve varieties, Apron Frills, 2 types of skirt (with or with apron), Socks and a headdress. All parts are Modify and Copy enabled.

But what really makes this outfit special is the Guarantee, which will allow you to when presented to the clerk in the main store will get you a new copy of the outfit. Thus allowing you get the latest update of your outfit, or replace it should you loose a part, etc. This guarantee works multiple times as well.

Which in my opinion makes it more then good value for money.

*Edelweiss* Shirley available at the *Edelweiss* Main Store:

So until next time,

Sunday, 29 June 2008

New Clothes @ *CG* and Umi Usagi


So since its a good opportunity to review/display outfits, any new releases of note that I'm made aware of via update groups I'll try and post up here in my blog. Depending on how things are released will affect how often this feature appears.

So to announce a few new outfit releases that have occurred over the past few days, firstly *CanalGrande* has released *CG* Carolina and *CG* Felicity, priced at L$70 and L$80 respectively.

These outfits while not been completely new designs, they appear to be outfits that Canal kept for her own use as they are in some of her model shots for other items in the store. I myself haven't decided if I like *CG* Felicity, but *CG* Carolina is a nice and a bargain at that price.

Next up is another favourite brand of mine: Umi Usagi by Jeter Jun. Most of her designs features rabbits in some form and although they only do a few Lolita outfits, the other outfits they have available are excellent and worth a look at.

Which brings me to the new collection released, the Rabbit Tiered Tunic Set priced at L$500 for the bulk pack containing all 7 colours and 2 pair of Jeans. Or each tunic separately for L$100 and the Jeans priced at L$50. Which is excellent value for a good quality casual outfit, should you require a change of non-Lolita clothes.

And that's it! Now I'll take this time to explain a few other regular posts I'll be intending to make on this blog, as well as weekly ones showing places I've visited and the outfits I've worn.

Hopefully time and material allowing I would like to do a monthly feature, I'm thinking of been original and calling it something like Spotlight of the Month each one focusing on either a Brand, Outfit or a fellow Second Life Lolita, the latter been more of a little interview to expand that community spirit and bring us all a little closer, an idea I got after meeting Saika Kohime who had hardly met any other Lolitas in Second Life.

So let me know what you guys think.

*CG* Felicity and *CG* Carolina available at:

Rabbit Tiered Tunic + Jeans available at:

Til next time,

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Victorianna Castle and Grounds Pt. 2

Hi and welcome,

This is the second part to my coverage of the Victorianna Castle build and due to the very size and the nature (no pun intended) of the garden means there is not much to cover and therefore you'll be glad to hear that this post will not be as long as the first part. So I found that been an outdoor garden area the windlight setting midday1 fits this best but once again play with thoses sego with what catches your eye.

So resuming from that bridge mentioned after the carp pond in Part 1. crossing this bridge leads you across the road and into the gardens proper. It goes without saying that due to other builds around it the gardens space has been limited, but as a nice little place for couples to wander it serves its purpose.

Head up the ramp and once again there are couple pose balls for walk around the garden. The upper most area appears to be some sort of promenade with a second level just a few steps down flanked by square ponds this area features a few seats and the first of the Garden's numerous dance balls.

Looking towards the castle from the second level down seating area give a spectacular view of the sheer scale and planning that must have going into the build. The view is a definite for any avid photographers and models wanting a fantasy/castle back drop for a shoot.

Behind all this and dominating most of the garden is the large waterfall which serves as a nice focal point as well as a way to hide the builds behind it out of sight. It flows into a large pond at the bottom which has a few seating areas near and some nice little bridges, this can be accessed via the rocky path to the left of the square ponds.

Follow these bridges along a path will lead the visitor pass a few duck feeding, swiming and paddling pose balls, and through the spray generated by the waterfall to a small private gazebo at the end of the garden, which also contains a couples dance ball set.

And with that it brings us to the end of this build summary, I hope it has peaked your interest into taking a look at this build. I know I'll certainly be using it for a few more photo shoots myself.

The Outfit featured is the pink version of *CG* Sherrill from *CanalGrande*, the details of which can be found in this post here.

See you next time,

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

!!!STOP PRESS!!! *CanalGrande* Three New Outfits Released


Welcome to a unscheduled and special post, dedicated to my favourite Second Life Gothic & Lolita fashion line *CanalGrande* by Canal Allen. Now as you maybe able to tell already but I really do like Canal's work, why you ask?

Well, yes there is a lot more Lolita Fashion designers and Brands our there in Second Life but Canals are not only very reasonably priced and high quality but they also feature the *CG* Intelligence Skirt® which adds that realism of not having your legs 'glitch' through your skirt. So when *Canalgrande* releases a new set of clothes in 3 fantastic colours, you damn right I'm jumping for joy!

So without delay here it is the excellent *CG* Sherrill available in Pink, Black (w/Pink Edging) and as seen here Blue, the main outfit contains Top, Pants 3 Prim Skirts (S,M,L), Gloves, 2 Pairs of Arm Ribbons (M,L), 2 Sets of Boots (S,M), Boots Shape, 3 Prim Capes (S,M,L), Hat, 3 Neck Ribbons (S,M,L), and 3 Back Ribbons (S,M,L).

Allowing you to fit the outfit to most avatar sizes, as a bonus the small size appears to be designed to fit the *CanalGrande* Kid's shape. The outfits
can be worn with or without the cape. The colours are sold separately for L$180 each which doesn't break the bank.

There is also a Gacha vendor which will sell you a Gacha-ball at a 30% Discount but the colour is random. The *CG* Sherrill Parasol is available separately for L$75 in the same 3 colours to match, it also features open and closed animations, with a pose and walk overrider for when opened.

The Hair used in my the photo is *CG*Tinker-Red priced at L$100 it comes in 2 sizes: Normal and Small, and I've used the socks from *CG* Sock and Glove priced at L$30.

(I also can be seen in the photo using the Chobits Ears priced at L$75 and the Persocom Eyes priced at L$150 both by Adore & Abhor)

*CG* Sherrill available at:
*Canalgrande* Aventi Island Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aventi%20Island%20NE/50/115/22
*CanalGrande* Main Shop:

Persocom Eyes and Ears available at
Adore & Abhor @ Pulse: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pulse/181/186/31

So until next time,

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Victorianna Castle and Grounds Pt. 1

Hi there once again,

So as mentioned before, my latest exploration led me to Victorianna Castle, a truly amazing build and a must see for all, but most importantly all you fellow Lolitas out there. I found the castle looked best when viewed with the windlight setting Coastal Afternoon, however play around with your settings til you find something you like.

Upon arrival visitors will find themselves in the stunning central courtyard, which features a very impressive fountain and access to the shop (The one weakness of castles everywhere, why didn't the enemy just invade through the shop?!) as well as the cathedral and the main castle.

A voting board is also available in the courtyard so make sure to use it, and show your support, in addition is a teleport board for easy access to key parts of the build and a couples poseball tour.

So first a quick glimpse at that shop: Victorianna's Royal Dolls Boutique, features a large choice of Lolita clothing and accessories from a good range of designers, most notably *LicoLico*, :::B@R::: and SliverRose as well as a few others who I'm not familiar with yet.

The shop also features for doll role players some doll styled clothing and accessories, such a wind up keys, skins, shapes and paper doll clothes complete with fold over tabs (awww cute).

So next up is the cathedral, a simple, elegant yet well designed large area with a nice view out to sea, there's even a lovely little wedding altar, whose purpose is intended for rental for those big occasions. There's a couple of note cards dotted around giving details about this for those of you interested.

After leaving the cathedral and turning left is a short flight of stairs up to a bridge leading to the main castle and the throne room.

Now it may just be a bridge but I love the effect given by the ornate sides of it. The deep crimson red coupled with the grand scale of them, the delightful stained glass windows and the throne clearly visible at the end really does give the impression that this is truly where the mistress of the castle resides.

The throne room fills the bottom of the main castle with a banquet hall to the upper right and a grand indoor garden to the lower right.

The indoor garden (or is that arboretum maybe) also features a stunning view out to sea, and many waterfalls which really adds to its appeal, there a plenty of dance balls for couples as well as a few benches if you just want to sit and collect your thoughts and admire the view.

Then heading away from the garden is a path which will lead around the back of the throne room and past a large carp pond and waterfall, with more places to steal a quiet tender moment.

This path will then eventually lead you back to the throne room, and at the side with the stairs that will lead you to a nice little quiet table for enjoying a private meal overlooking the grounds. Just behind the Stairs is doorway to the bridge to the main castle grounds and gardens, which I shall come back to later.

Return to the stairs and continue ascending however will lead to a balcony/walkway across the throne room and access to a large silk curtained balcony and finally a sloped ramp which brings you to the large and rather impressive ballroom.

This Ballroom features a stunning chandelier, a fountain and plenty of couples dance balls and is complete with floating, glowing particle effects and a spectacular view. There's also a small balcony to watch the dance floor from. As well as a balcony edge around the outside allowing even more views from such a high vantage.

Well that nicely brings us to the end of part one, Since this is such a detailed build I've decided to cover it in much more depth then normal so I'll be covering the Gardens and Grounds next time.

Today's outfit consists of Gothic Lolita Dress(LLA 025_04) priced at L$80 and Over The Knee Socks(SDD 009) priced at L$50 by Lico Nyanda of *LicoLico* as well as Aiko-Moca Hair priced at L$100 and Loliheel Black shoes priced at L$100 by Canal Allen of *CanalGrande*. All excellently priced and nice additions to any collection and of course available from their respective designers shops.

Victorianna Castle can be found at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hogback/60/153/23
LicoLico Mall/LicoLico Gothic Lolita Mall: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LicoLico/192/88/21
*CanalGrande* Main Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SuginamiKu/50/207/22

Farewell for now,

Monday, 23 June 2008

A beginning....

Hi there and welcome to my blog and most importantly the first post!

So where to start, well first a little about me. I'm 26 and live in the UK, I work full time as a retail assistant and I have a love of most things Japanese and most recently Lolita fashion. But since its a expensive hobby and there's not much in the way shops and hang-out spots near where I live, thus Katherina Schapira was born. As a way for me enjoy most of the aspects of Lolita fashion.

I shall be over the coming weeks and months posting as regularly as I can, not only my favourite outfits and the dresses that I find, but also the places I visit.

So to start off, here's my current and favourite dress;

Its called Petty Rose by Canal Allen of *CanalGrande* (also my favourite designer) for L$500 you get a nice bulk pack containing the above dress as well as a short mini style skirt, 2 different socks, lace frills for socks, matching shoes, a lace choker plus the hair and the shape seen here.

All allowing a multitude of different outfit combinations, a excellent first buy to start off a collection and is available in her store at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SuginamiKu/50/207/22

(This photo was taken at the entrance to Victorianna Castle, a truly incredible build that I will be dedicating a full post to later on so keep them eyes peeled)

So until next time,