Wednesday, 25 June 2008

!!!STOP PRESS!!! *CanalGrande* Three New Outfits Released


Welcome to a unscheduled and special post, dedicated to my favourite Second Life Gothic & Lolita fashion line *CanalGrande* by Canal Allen. Now as you maybe able to tell already but I really do like Canal's work, why you ask?

Well, yes there is a lot more Lolita Fashion designers and Brands our there in Second Life but Canals are not only very reasonably priced and high quality but they also feature the *CG* Intelligence Skirt® which adds that realism of not having your legs 'glitch' through your skirt. So when *Canalgrande* releases a new set of clothes in 3 fantastic colours, you damn right I'm jumping for joy!

So without delay here it is the excellent *CG* Sherrill available in Pink, Black (w/Pink Edging) and as seen here Blue, the main outfit contains Top, Pants 3 Prim Skirts (S,M,L), Gloves, 2 Pairs of Arm Ribbons (M,L), 2 Sets of Boots (S,M), Boots Shape, 3 Prim Capes (S,M,L), Hat, 3 Neck Ribbons (S,M,L), and 3 Back Ribbons (S,M,L).

Allowing you to fit the outfit to most avatar sizes, as a bonus the small size appears to be designed to fit the *CanalGrande* Kid's shape. The outfits
can be worn with or without the cape. The colours are sold separately for L$180 each which doesn't break the bank.

There is also a Gacha vendor which will sell you a Gacha-ball at a 30% Discount but the colour is random. The *CG* Sherrill Parasol is available separately for L$75 in the same 3 colours to match, it also features open and closed animations, with a pose and walk overrider for when opened.

The Hair used in my the photo is *CG*Tinker-Red priced at L$100 it comes in 2 sizes: Normal and Small, and I've used the socks from *CG* Sock and Glove priced at L$30.

(I also can be seen in the photo using the Chobits Ears priced at L$75 and the Persocom Eyes priced at L$150 both by Adore & Abhor)

*CG* Sherrill available at:
*Canalgrande* Aventi Island Shop:
*CanalGrande* Main Shop:

Persocom Eyes and Ears available at
Adore & Abhor @ Pulse:

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