Tuesday, 1 July 2008

PAN & AGAPEE Islands - The Garden of Afterlife


So I recently Visited the Islands of Pan & Agapee and was quite impressed and so this week I'll be posting about them. So the Islands are very well laid out with regular guide boards to lead you around the build. First a bit of background the Islands of Pan & Agapee are designed as a glimpse of the afterlife (Or because I don't wanna offend anyone I should say at least the designers interpretation of it). It is the ideal build for a photo shoot or a romantic walk as there are numerous spots for couple to sit and enjoy one another's company.

So as visitors enter the build they will find them selves in an area entitled the Gateway to Heaven on a side note I have used numerous windlight settings as I moved through the build, for here I used the Fine Day setting.

This area features a lovely field of golden flowers, with a few trees for effect and is a taste of things to come. Before moving on don't forget to take a read of that guide board for a little more info.

Following the path will next lead visitors to The Astral Realm for here I took note of the guide board and switched my windlight to the Night setting for the dramatic effect. This next area features a mixed field of yellow and pink flowers, with lovely Sakura trees and in a very impressive effect low dense misty clouds and little rainbows. Couple these clouds with the night windlight settings results a a pretty stark yet beautiful result.

This area also have a few poseballs to allow to drift asleep amongst the clouds or you can sit on one of the flower shaped chairs and watch the world go by.

Once again hit that guide board for more info then continue along the path to The Realm of the Good. For here I switched to Midday1, this area is a large space featuring a small field of white and pink flowers a Japanese style house and numerous corn style fields, and a small pond and bridge. Surprisingly there very little of note in here and you will find yourself drawn to the Dome of enlightenment in distance which is the final section of this island, before you move on hit that guide board again.

On to The dome of enlightenment which sits in the middle of a circular pond and is a place for quiet reflection, the inside of each pillar has a different meditative and motivational phrase to the other side of the dome is a small boat which when clicked will teleport you to the scenic south island.

Here on the south island is 4 separate styles and visitors will find them selves amongst numerous rose bushes, there is also a sunflower field with unicorn rides, a tropical beach with waves crashing upon the rocks and my personal favourite a large Sakura tree forest complete with blossoms floating on the wind. This island is relatively lacking in any other large features.

So there you go, short but sweet.

The lovely Victorian maid styled outfit featured is the Shirley Set from *Edelweiss* by Moeka Kohime, it's priced at L$600. Which may seem pricey but the pack does contain 2 Types of blouse (with or without apron) in Long, Short and Rolled Sleeve varieties, Apron Frills, 2 types of skirt (with or with apron), Socks and a headdress. All parts are Modify and Copy enabled.

But what really makes this outfit special is the Guarantee, which will allow you to when presented to the clerk in the main store will get you a new copy of the outfit. Thus allowing you get the latest update of your outfit, or replace it should you loose a part, etc. This guarantee works multiple times as well.

Which in my opinion makes it more then good value for money.

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So until next time,